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 BRANNIGAN, vincent, hao yun xiang / 27 / mark
vincent brannigan
 Posted: Jun 9 2016, 04:56 AM
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vincent jude brannigan

27 years old. associate lawyer. old money. hao yung xiang.

mark. 24. GMT+8. pm.

february 10 1989
Flintwood, Connecticut
Thomas Brannigan III , father (unplayable)

Lucille Brannigan, mother (unplayable)

-------- Brannigan, brother (23-24, playable)

-------- Brannigan, sister (21-22, playable)
The Brannigan's are fairly new as members of the old money, with Thomas Brannigan Sr. finding his fortune by engaging in the retail of luxury goods at the turn of the 20th century. The current bulk of the family money comes from the sales of duty-free alcohol and cigarettes to tourists, and from being the largest distributor of luxury goods in north america and one of the top distributors in the world.
Vincent is a new lawyer at a large chain of law firms, though he still does get a bit of an "allowance" from his parents. His father insists that he work in the family business, and he assists his brother from time to time but refuses to play a larger role.
negative traits:
insecure, anxious, non-confrontational, vulgar, stubborn, disorganized, sentimental
positive traits:
empathetic, friendly, industrious, loyal, dependable, patient, charismatic
Adopted by the wealthy Brannigan family as an infant, just when adopting from China was trendy, Vincent Brannigan could be considered a fortunate young man. His adoptive parents had no children at the time, and for his first few years, he was a bit spoiled, though introduced early on to the idea he would take over the business. At the age of four though, his younger brother was born, which managed to produce a fair bit of anxiety in Vincent. The split attention was totally new to him, and upon realizing his being adopted at age six, when his sister was born, a feeling of inferiority due to not being a biological child hit him, though he does his best to cover it up to this day.

Compounded with frequent teasing as a child for being non-white, this has made Vincent even more determined to be successful on his own terms, and he has always had a strong work ethic, though his manners were never as up to snuff as the others from older, more connected families. Like almost all children in the neighborhood, he was subjected to several extra-curriculars, particularly violin and chess, both of which he retains as hobbies. In terms of relations with the other families, the Brannigans do their best to remain peaceful with everybody, though their precarious position between new and old money make them easy targets for those who dislike either. They do have a few steady alliances, mostly friends of Vincent's father. Vincent himself avoids taking sides, though he inevitably gets into them because of his friends from the more confrontational families.



Vincent's more of a follower than a leader, so he's possibly in some crew of bros or another, backing up the leader with some well-timed laughs. He's also genuinely caring about other people, so he possibly has a small group of closer friends where he feels comfortable confiding in. Friends from childhood are possible, seeing as Vincent is a Flintwood native, and other various acquaintances that he's socialized with for gatherings hosted by one family or the other.


Vincent has never had much of a love life, too focused on academics and getting ahead to really think about dating. He may have a had a few short relationships in the past, but nothing serious. He's not deliberately looking for love, but if something develops, he would definitely give it a shot. He's still very insecure, believing that he's not an attractive fellow, so he might need somebody to convince him otherwise. If somebody does though, they've got a patient, loyal guy willing to stand by through whatever storm.


While Vincent does do his best to avoid conflict, he sometimes does end up in the middle of feuds because of the friends he makes. He's loyal to those who he considers important to him though, so if forced to defend his friends, he will do it without hesitating. It's also possible he's friends with two rivals, and his inability to choose could put him on bad terms with either of them? Either way, it's all welcome.


Vincent is generally close to his family, though he has gotten into several arguments with his father over his refusal to join the family business. His younger brother and sister he is willing to protect with his life, though sometimes he feels jealous of them if he ever feels that his parents treat them better because they're biological children. It's mostly just his imagination though.


I'm also cool with any miscellaneous ideas, co-workers for one. If you need a guy to be somebody your character is pushed into an arranged marriage situation with that they like or don't like, this is a willing volunteer.

grumpy kat
 Posted: Jun 12 2016, 01:38 PM
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