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grumpy kat
 Posted: Apr 20 2016, 11:00 PM
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The Queen

welcome to flintwood

where all that glitters is gold

Flintwood, Connecticut is a harbour town on the Gold Coast that was founded by Philip Flintwood, a naval Merchant who sold sugar and spices globally. In his old age, he emigrated from England to America in 1730. Initially, the land he purchased was named Flintwood Fields, where he rented out houses to other immigrants and Americans. After the American Revolution, Flintwood slowly became a town by itself, and Phillip's heirs had sold parts of the land to other Wealthy families, particularly English, French and Italian nobles, and other people in position of high esteem. Eventually the small town became official, and the first mayor was a Flintwood: Barnaby Flintwood, grandson to Phillip Flintwood.

Barnaby Flintwood insured that the town would be strictly upper class families, and their servants and workers. Over the centuries, it grew into a thriving small town, with tight security and well paying workers. America's most wealthy in the East Coast of the States find that Flintwood is the ideal place to live as it hides them from unwanted attention and 'normal' people. Nowadays, people who work in the stores and companies in the town tend to live outside of it, since it is far too expensive, save for some upstairs apartments of corner stores. But even that is pretty steep.

The last Flintwood died in 1941 from lung cancer, and there are no longer any family relations to the founding family.

location history

barnaby square
Named after Barnaby Flintwood, the town's first mayor, the Square sits in the heart of town. There is a massive fountain in the middle with a statue of the city's founder, Phillip Flintwood, with his 5 hounds around him. City Hall is located in Barnaby Square, as well as many shops, restaurants, boutiques, theatre, and art gallery. Sometimes events take place at Barnaby Square.
richmond mall
This mall is relatively new, about 40 years old, and was named after the husband of one of the last Flintwoods, Ingrid. Howard Richmond married into the Flintwoods and saved the family from bankruptcy, though he and his wife did not sire any children. The mall was named after him for "saving the town".
heritage park
The park might not be massive, but it's rich and full of life. It's regularly maintained by town workers. There are many donations to the park, such as benches, expensive flowers, and statues to monument people who lived and influenced the city. The bridge that goes over the small lake is called Lisa's Bridge, since there is an urban legend of a woman who was murdered on that bridge by her husband in order to get her family's money.
ernest flintwood academy
Ernest Flintwood Academy was previously named Flintwood Field Academy up until the 40s when they named the name. They named it after the last Flintwood who died in 1941. The school houses from kindergarten to senior year high school. There are three buildings on the lot that separate the grades. The Elementary building goes from Kindergarten to fourth grade, and it is located on the left side. The Middle School building goes from fifth grade to eighth grade, and it is located on the right side. In the center is the High School, which goes from ninth grade to twelfth grade. these are the unforms.
st. paschal cemetery
St. Paschal Cemetery houses most of the past residences of Flintwood. It's possibly one of the most expensive Cemeteries in the Upper East of the States. There is a large charnel house that leads into the mausoleum where all the bodies of the deceased Flintwood family and members are buried.
flintwood estate
The Flintwood Estate is the largest house in the city, with the most land. After Ernest Flintwood died, the estate remained empty and untouched for twenty years before they rehabilitated it and turned it into a local museum of the town and the Flintwood family. However, it is rumoured to be highly haunted, especially by Ingrid Flintwood, Ernest's only child and daughter who was incapable of having children. She killed herself when she found out her husband, Kent Richmond, had a second family with a woman outside of town. It's said that her suicide broke her father's heart so badly, that it was the reason why he fell ill and died.
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