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May 26 2016, 10:30 AM
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<b>Madison Gold</b>&ensp; Yale Law

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May 25 2016, 08:34 PM
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Madison Gold

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May 25 2016, 07:13 PM
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<P> This election will be the death of me. If I have one more camera in my face asking about Ella I might scream<p>
Just let me go to class and be a normal kid... of course not.
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May 24 2016, 10:34 PM
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<div class="tell"><div class="background"><div class="told"><div class="magic">Oh my my my</div>
<div class="mix">boyfriend. zac efron (negotiable). 21</div>
<div class="yo">This is Maddie’s boyfriend, for simplicity’s sake we will call him <i>zac</i>. Zac is a year older than Maddie. They have been together forever, since her freshman year of high school to be exact. They are the type of couple who makes everyone sick because they are so nauseatingly cute and sweet together. They have been together for so long that everyone just assumes they are going to get married someday. <p>He is a Yale student but I picture him as being not very bright. He is the type of guy who gets by on his good looks and charisma. I see Maddie doing his homework for him and making sure that he is successful because she loves him but could never marry an unsuccessful man, so she will do anything to get him through college. That being said, even though Maddie does his school work, she wears the pants in the relationship. He’s a definite pushover, especially when it comes to Maddie.<p>

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May 18 2016, 12:38 AM
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<h1>madison alyssa gold</h1>
<h2>20 years old. yale student. new money. zoey deutch.</h2>
<h3>sami. 23. eastern. pm.</h3>
<div class="maincontent scroll">
<blockquote>april 13, 1996</blockquote>


<blockquote> Flintwood, CT</blockquote>

<blockquote>Charles Gold – Father<p>
Anita Gold – Mother<p>
Geoffry Gold – Brother<p>
Ella Wayne – Half-Sister </blockquote>

<blockquote> The Gold Family’s wealth is entirely due to political success. Charles Gold was born and raised to be a politician like his father, today the family’s entire income is because of Charles’ position as a senator. Some of this money comes from his actual salary as a senator, the other however comes from the financial backing of the wealthy families of the state of Connecticut. </blockquote>

<blockquote>Maddie is a student at Yale. She is currently a sophomore in her undergrad. She hopes to one day be a successful lawyer. </blockquote>

<b>negative traits:</b>
<blockquote>competitive. stubborn. judgmental. bossy. know-it-all. passive-aggressive. bitchy. callous. naggy. nosy. killjoy. manipulative</blockquote>

<b>positive traits:</b>
<blockquote>organized. leader. ambitious. confident. diplomatic. loyal. honest. hard-working. independent. logical. objective. polished. stable. responsible. punctual. nerd. intelligent. </blockquote>

<blockquote>Madison gold was the first born to Charles and Anita Gold. Madie was a good child from the very beginning, she was quiet and calm but very aware of her surroundings and very inquisitive. Maddie’s family had a background in politics, so it was not surprising when her father ran for mayor when Maddie was 2. Shortly after his election Maddie’s little brother was born. He was not as smart, nor as insanely good as Maddie was. Throughout their childhood Maddie ‘s parents taught them how to be good people. Maddie was taught to see the world as very black and white. People were good or bad, loyal or dishonest, smart or dumb, there was no in-between or gray area. <p>
As a teenager Maddie was the perfect child, She was involved with all the right clubs, was a straight A student, never got in trouble and had the perfect boyfriend. In other words, she was a boring perfectionist, the perfect daughter for a now senator. After high school, Maddie moved on to Yale where she started to study to be a lawyer. She decided to be a lawyer because she though she knew better than most people what was right and wrong, she also was very good at winning an argument. <p>
Recently Maddie has learned that she has a half-sister, Ella Wayne. Ella is the same age as Maddie’s little brother, meaning her father had an affair while her mother was pregnant. Learning this rattled Maddie’s perfect world. The man who had taught her that there was a very clear line between right and wrong had in fact crossed that line. And then, this new half-sister of hers, she was everything Maddie saw as bad in the world, she was a wild child, hell bent on revenge and taking their family’s money. It’s almost too much for poor little Maddie to take but she is trying to remain her calm collected self and be there for her family when they need her, and to put up a good front for the election. <p>

Maddie’s new family drama had really brought out the bitchy, manipulative, and judgmental side of her. She’s always thought she was better than people because she keeps herself so well put together, and she has always loved to gossip about people who she felt were beneath her, but until now she wasn’t constantly surrounded by someone she felt that way about. Maddie is extremely manipulative, and passive aggressive, she will do anything to get her way. She’s also very good at letting people know she doesn’t like them without actually saying the words. Maddie is incredibly competitive. She has to be the best at everything she does. She can be very bossy, and she always in meddling in people’s business because she feels the need to know everything about everyone. <p>
Maddie is very intelligent, and definitely a bit of a nerd. She loves learning, and actually enjoys studying. She is very confident about her abilities, almost to the point where she could be considered narcissistic. Maddie is very responsible; she is the type of girl you can always count on when you ask her to do something.
<blockquote>Maddie will have a select group of friends. She is kind of stuck up and a bit of a nerd so her friends will most likely be like her in the sense that they are very judgmental. Maddie is a very loyal friend though so the friends she will have she will be extremely close with. </blockquote>

<blockquote>Maddie has been with the same guy since her freshman year of high school. They are both Yale students and are very much the stereotypical “perfect couple” on paper. They are insperable and annoyingly sappy and cute. It’s enough to make even their close friends gag. She’s a very loyal girlfriend so she wouldn’t so much as harmlessly flirt with another guy</blockquote>

<blockquote>I can see Maddie having a lot of enemies but being too civil to actually do something about it. These enemies might include students who she gets better grades than in class, or students she views as her competition. Anyone who she views as beneath her. Most of these people will be the “wild childs” of Flintwood. She doesn’t really judge people based on their money, but she will judge them if they get sloppy on a Saturday night. The way Maddie generally deals with people who she does not like is she will be very passive aggressive towards them when in contact with them, but she generally avoids their company, and will gossip about them to her friends. However, if confronted by an enemy she is not afraid to tell you what she thinks for you.</blockquote>

<blockquote>Maddie has a very complicated relationship with her family right now. She is incredibly close with her mother and is trying to be supportive of her while she is going through the stress of finding out about Charles’ affair. Her relationship with her brother has always been a typical brother sister relationship, one where he annoys her and she thinks he’s an idiot but she loves him anyways. Lately that relationship has been a little strained since they have very differing views on how to deal with their father’s affair. It has also brought them closer though as they both see it as them vs. Ella. Maddie’s relationship with her father since Ella arrived has not changed much on the outside, she still acts like daddy’s little girl, especially for the cameras, but in her head she cannot stand her father. Then there is Ella, Maddie’s half-sister from hell, Maddie feelings for Ella vary from shocked, to repulsed, to angry. Maddie is sure Ella is only here for her father’s money, and she finds her to be way too reckless. They do not get along at all. </blockquote>


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