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malina hampton
 Posted: May 27 2016, 10:13 PM
kat ★ Offline

“ the bad influence ”
Maya Hampton - mother - 45 - Catherine Zeta-Jones
Maya Hampton is a social climber. She's half Romani half Brazilian, and grew up in a trailer park in a hick town in northern Florida. She married at 19, to a man 15 years her elder. Maya is one of the most famous celebrity mothers, but she actually has done nothing besides being in a few reality TV shows that her husband owns, and has a line of perfumes. She's famous because she's rich and likes attention, though she likes to pretend she is a successful business woman.

Read Malina's app for a lil more info, or PM me.

So, Maya would likely be living in California, but I'm open to any idea for her to move to Flintwood to torment her daughter XD. But she doesn't have to live in Flintwood, since the site isn't just limited to the site. She could just be frequently there.

“ the absent ”
Thomas Hampton - father - 60 - John Stamos
I have my doubts that people will take him, but I wanted to put up the entire family mostly for reference, haha. Thomas Hampton is a filthy rich (Trump rich) business man. He owns a music production company, produces various reality shows, is a shareholder at Viacom. He's a workaholic, but one of the better liberal businessmen of America, which isn't saying much. Lesser of two evils, eh? However, he isn't one for confrontation or spotlight, so he tends to stay away from his wife and kids' pursuit of spotlight. He acts like a family man, but in reality he very rarely sees his kids, though they are old enough to no longer notice or care. It's more normal to not have him around than for him to come home at 5 every day for dinner after work.

I doubt he'll be taken, and I won't have a lot of plots for him, but I'll still put him on this list. His reasons for Flintwood would be like what I said with Malina's mother. He wouldn't live there permanently, but he could have business there since his company produces the Real Housewives of Flintwood.

“ the competition ”
Maria Hampton - sister - 26 - megan fox
Maria is the oldest child of the Hamptons, and nearly as famous, if not just as, as Malina. There is some heavy rumours that she isn't Thomas Hampton's daughter, but nothing has been confirmed and that gossip is so old it's more of a meme at this point, and not taken seriously. Maria has always been Malina's competition in success and family. Maria got more attention from her mother, and father, doting on the oldest born that Malina was told to take after. "Why aren't you more like Maria?"

Maria is a more likable Hampton, though by a margin. She's more successful and talented in the acting industry than Malina had ever been. That had always been a slight to Malina's ego, since it was her who started out acting as a kid, and Maria didn't get into acting until Malina got famous in her Disney TV days, so Maria rode her sister's coat tails into the acting business.

The distaste and rivalry between the two sisters is very much public, especially when they were on reality tv together. Though public loves drama, so there is often "TEAM MALINA" "TEAM MARIA" fights online.

Maria's reasons for being in Flintwood could be anything you'd like. I'd imagine it would to buy a bigger house than what Malina got in her divorce just to piss her off.

“ the deadbeat ”
tommy hampton - brother- 25 - josh peck
As the only son, there was a lot of expectations for Tommy, that he did not live up to. He was such a lazy bum and problem child that Thomas just stopped trying to get him into child acting or into music or into the family business. Tommy is the only one that doesn't really value money, and has been known to couch surf at his buddies' houses when he's out of state instead of going to hotels. However, he used to get blind drunk and drive, took a lot of drugs, and been arrested for drug possession and DUI's. Finally when they took away his license and he spent 5 months in rehab, Tommy stopped taking drugs and cut down his drinking. Though he still smokes weed, and is still a really lazy bum. At the moment, he's mostly famous for his stupid vines, snapchats, and let's plays on youtube. He also guest starred in Assholes (read the subplot) quite frequently.

Tommy could be crashing at Malina's for a certain amount of time. Since the Asshole host lives in Flintwood, I'd imagine that's why he's there.

“ the favourite ”
mara hampton - sister - 19 - ariana grande
Mara Hampton is not only the parent favourite, but also the public's favourite Hampton kid. She's very sweet, open minded, innocent, beautiful... to the camera. The world believes she's an angel, and a lot of people go to her defence. She's like a living cute anime character. Off camera and off stage, she is as bad as her sister Malina, if not worse. She's very low key with it, but very manipulative and sneaky. She has the fake crying down to an art, especially when her two older sisters treat her like what she actually is in public: a monster. Which is why Maria and Malina are probably one of the most hated in the family, because people throw the argument that they "verbally abuse their sister for no reason."

Mara is a famous singer, though what people don't know is that her voice is actually heavily autotuned, and she lip syncs during her concerts. But she's so good at it, that there is not a sliver of evidence showing that she is a fake. The only negative publicity Mara has ever gotten was when she turned 18 and started to wear shorter skirts, and her bust grew larger.

“ the overshadowed ”
monika hampton - sister - 17 - ariel winter
Monika is the youngest Hampton and is easily forgotten. She hasn't done anything famous or anything remotely close to her siblings. Even her parents seem to forget about her. Growing up she was a chubby kid with glasses and braces, and no one would recognize her as a Hampton kid. Then she started growing up, looked more feminine. Though in actuality, Monika was actively trying to look sexy to get more attention. When she was 16, her mom caved and allowed her to get breast implants, and that immediately sparked her infamy. It was such a controversial topic, though Monika denies she ever got implants and says she was just a late bloomer. She now appears as an over sexualized 17 year old, yet she still is overshadowed by her sisters and her own mother. Who all forget about her, and don't even acknowledge her efforts.
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