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grumpy kat
 Posted: Apr 20 2016, 10:56 PM
Sugar mama ★ Offline
The Queen

the site rules

please review.

rules can be removed, or added to in the future.
I realize that this looks super long, but most of these rules are pretty standard fare. You can always come back to check something you don't remember.


  1. register with all lower caps. first and last name. (john smith). Thought if your character is a legacy, like he's named after his father, and his grandfather before him, you can add the number at the end. (john smith iii, or john smith jr)
  2. make sure it is a unique name. Sometimes people have the same first name, and that's fine, but people tend to want to avoid that, but it's not forbidden. But unless they're related or married, two characters cannot have the same surname. Double check the characters we have as well on the wanted ads to make sure no one has the same name.
  3. make sure you filled in the mini profile and user profile stuff. the head admin here has a thing for aesthetics, and would really love it for everyone to have the appropriate things filled, specifically gifs and properly sized avatars. If you need help with this, feel free to pm an admin for help.
  4. you must be eighteen and older to join. This board is rated M; we acknowledge that not all countries legal age is 18, however this is a conflict of interest for most people.

    Update april 29: After consideration of our older members, we decided to increase the age cap to 18.

  5. Shipper App. Our application is a shipper app, which means it doubles as your shipper/plotter page. The application is short, so it's easier for you to fill in, and doesn't require novels of character background history. There is a RP sample you need to do (unless you're already a member and this is your second character), and the RP sample is how we determine if you're a right fit for the quality we and the other role players write as. All instructions are on the app so you shouldn't get too confused.
  6. do not post in any IC related threads until you are accepted. Your character isn't allowed to interact with anyone IC until your application is accepted. You can freely post in the OOC boards, though.
  7. avatar and profile gif dimensions: Avatar is standard 250x400, and the gif is 115x100. Use to adjust or crop the size.

role playing & characters

  1. standard rules apply. No godmodding, powerplaying, etc. If you don't know the standard role playing rules, then you probably shouldn't join, since most people on here have been forum rping for a while.
  2. plagiarism is not tolerated. It should go without saying, but if we found out that your characters or your rp sample is taken from somewhere, or you've stolen the app from a fellow player, or the character likeness, you will be instantly banned. This goes for images and graphics as well.
  3. mary sue warning. While no mary sues are a standard no-no in all rp groups, most of the time Mary Sues do slip through the cracks, because the application doesn't properly convey how a player portrays their character in actual rping. Instead of booting people off that do that, instead if we notice this, or get complaints, we will send a polite warning.
  4. Character limitations. You can make your first 3 characters, but after that, all characters after that can't come until you have at least 10 IC posts in each character you already have. Communication threads count.
  5. Activity checks will come on a need basis. You have to post at least once every 3 days, but there are exceptions, just let us know if there is a legitimate reason. If you register, but don't post your character app or finish your app in 5 days you will get a warning PM. If you don't respond in 30 hours confirming you coming back, then we will archive your unfinished app and delete your account. If you've been accepted, but haven't been on for 10 days we will send a warning pm, and if you don't respond or come back in the next 3ish days, we will turn your account inactive and archive your character and threads. Reservations for faceclaims and job claims are 5 days.
  6. There is no word count.The only thing I ask is try to give your partner(s) something to reply to. This goes to people who write 4 paragraphs of description, but only one line of dialogue and interaction. However if we do see that one liners become too much of a habit, then we will message you about it.
  7. Face claims have to be real people, who are famous. Actors, models, musicians. A general rule of thumb is if they have a wiki page, or have a huge fanbase, then they're fine. Viners and youtubers are okay. No child actors under the age of 13. There is also a list of banned face claims, as per request of the person themselves, so please respect their wishes. here is the list
  8. Characters must be 15+ Most people tend not to rp with characters that are younger, but there can be NPCs under 15.
  9. Tag your M threads and triggers Tag your threads with [M] if they have mature content, or [V] for violent. Add necessary triggers, such as Drug Useage, death, rape mention, etc. Actual rape scenes are forbidden. Actual smut scenes are to be taken off site, due to the fact that they can get the site shut down by Jcink. Light petting is fine, though. Preferably fade to black if you must.
  10. Third POV in rp threads This is general knowledge, but sometimes people want to be hipsters and do 1st or second. Keep to Third.
  11. Pregnancies and Deaths must be admin approved, We don't want pregnancies to be a trend. That happens.
  12. Character and face claim hogging, This rarely gets addressed, but if you making characters for the sake of making them, but have no plots for most of them, we will ask you to give up a few.

out of character and such

  1. respect and drama. drama happens in communities, but we want to avoid this as much as possible. Respect your fellow members, if they are offended, apologies, don't try to argue and justify what you said. If they said something offensive to you, pm an admin immediately, screencap it if you need to, don't turn it into an argument in the cbox. If there is a troll ignore them, an admin will deal with it.
  2. Alert System, if you're not familiar with it, it's a new addition to JCink. If you want to alert someone to a thread you tagged them in, simply tag them like this
    @[user name]
    For example: @HELL KAT

    The alert is sent to that user, even if they don't have the tab open, and is sent by email as well. You can see your alerts and tags on the top right corner.

  3. Bans Bans might happen if we see an greatly uneven ratio of a certain group. This goes for genders as well. If we see too many girls than boys, we will put a temporary ban on female characters until we see the ratios nearly reach each other.
  4. Cbox. Do not abuse the cbox. No advertising in the cbox. The cbox can be taken away from you. This goes with ICC as well. No trolling, obviously, that is an instant ban.
  5. Banned members. There is a three strike rule, unless the offense is great, then you can be instantly banned. Banned members don't have access to anything, but to view the advertisement section.
  6. Images. Images have to be a max 500x width, and can be whatever in height, but if we find it to be too big, we will either crop it for you, or ask you to do it. No pornographic images, or images that show nudity. Avatars are 250x400.
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