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grumpy kat
 Posted: Apr 20 2016, 10:58 PM
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The Queen

member groups

There are only three member groups. Old Money, New Money, and Townie. Read them to understand what they are before deciding what kind your character is.

Old Money [color: #824949]

"Old Money" is a term for wealthy families who have had money for generations. If your character's family has been rich for more than 100 years, then they are considered old money. If your character is fourth generation rich, they are old money. So, if their great-grandparents were the first people to become rich, then that means your character's family just recently became Old Money. If your character's wealth can be traced back farther than that, then they have been Old Money for longer.

Typical reasons for Old Money to have that much money for so long is that their family has owned property, businesses, companies, transportation (such as highways, trains), factories, and banks for 1-2 centuries or longer. Nobility are also Old Money (Counts, Barons, Earls, Marquesses, Dukes). However royalty characters are forbidden. Nobility characters are not allowed to be related to any royalty, regardless of country.

If you need more info about Old Money Vs New Money, here is a list of how they're considered as different: click

Example of Old Money: Daisy & Tom Buchanan from The Great Gatsby, or the Crowleys of Downton Abbey, Paris Hilton is considered Old Money.

New Money [color: #49825F]

"New Money" is a term for wealthy families or individuals who have money for 3 generations or less. If your character's family have been rich for less than 100-75 years, then they are considered new money until the fourth generation of children is born, or they reach a century of wealth. If your character is a celebrity, starlet, or owns a business that's relatively new, they are considered New Money.

New Money people are considered gaudy and showy, and less conservative. They flash around their wealth, and buy things, where as Old Money is more conservative with their money. New Money is also more likely to donate and give away, and are more updated with the times. If your character is New Money but marries into Old Money, they are still considered New Money. Always go with their family's background to determine their user group.

If you need more info about Old Money Vs New Money, here is a list of how they're considered as different: click

Examples of New Money: Jay Gatsby from the Great Gatsby, The Kardashians, most celebrities.

Townies [color: #496c82]

The Townies in Diamonds & Waste are everyone else. The servants, workers, and people who live just outside of Flintwood. Townie characters typically work in Flintwood, but don't live there, since it's extremely expensive. If your character or character's family and/or household makes less than 100-120k a year combined, then they are considered townies.

Townies can also be Yale students that aren't legacies, and some miracle they've been accepted, and they just live in the area. If your townie is a servant of a richer family (maid, butler, gardener), there is potential that they live in the house in the servant quarters, or a small house off the property that the family they serve own.

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